Day 04 – Mahmoud

07 mai 2015 – Voyage  en train vers Larisa

The project team left lovely Athens early this morning to begin traveling to Larissa, in antiquity chief state of the Thessalian League. Our trip, made by bus, train, and then city bus in Larissa, was easy and uneventful.

Upon getting settled in our accommodations at the Hotel Metropol in Larissa Richard Bouchon gave an introductory lecture overviewing the history and topography of Larissa. Dr. Bouchon discussed the local archaeology, history of the excavations, as well as the city’s epigraphic and numismatic remains focusing on theater A and the topoi of prominent members of the community found there. After the lecture he led the group to the theater and ancient, Byzantine and Ottoman acropolis, where we had a look at the remains visible from the street just before sunset; then we all enjoyed a group dinner at a local restaurant. We plan to enter in the next day and study the inscriptions found there more closely.